For Wind and Brass Musicians:
  The Wind-o optimizes your embouchure so you can find your best sound.  
Find your Best Sound
  • Tone Quality- Discover new clarity, flexibility, and power in your tone.
  • Stability- Maintain your ideal sound through every dynamic, pitch, and articulation.
  • Air- Create fluid phrases, exquisite intervals, and expand your color palate by liberating the movement of your air from embouchure limitations.
  • Use your improved embouchure to make your music sing!

Improve your embouchure


Can you wiggle your ears? If you are like most people, you can move your ears only when contorting your face in strange ways, or you can't move them at all. This is because you lack awareness of the muscles involved. Luckily, moving your ears is not a necessary skill for survival. However, to create your ideal sound, you must have full awareness of the muscles in your embouchure.

Push in the sides of The Wind-o with the corners of your mouth, and you immediately feel which muscles you are using. The Wind-o provides clear and immediate feedback to help you experience the optimal use of the side muscles of your mouth.


Use the right muscles in the right way. Gain independent control over the muscles of the embouchure. Learn how to use the side muscles of the mouth without relying on excessive biting or pressure.

Push in the sides of The Wind-o with the corners of your mouth, but keep the center of your lips poised, flexible, and responsive to vibrations. Blow through The Wind-o, and learn to maintain good embouchure form while using air. Using good form on The Wind-o translates directly to good form while playing your instrument.


Have you ever struggled with maintaining your best sound through all dynamic levels? Using air puts considerable strain on the muscles of your embouchure. The increased air pressure involved when playing loudly can distort the embouchure, thereby distorting the sound.

Push in the sides of The Wind-o with the corners of your mouth, and elastics stretch to provide resistance. Blow through The Wind-o, and it becomes more difficult to keep the corners in place. Overcoming this resistance builds strength in the side muscles of your mouth.


Fatigue will turn the best intentions into mediocre results. Embouchure fatigue contributes to instability of tone, intonation, articulation, and greatly limits musical freedom. Regular use of the Wind-o will help ensure your embouchure always supports your musical vision.
Elastics provide resistance as you push in the sides of the Wind-o. Choose the amount of resistance by changing the strength and number of elastics used. For your changing needs, the elastics come in Light, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy strengths, and the Wind-o accommodates up to two elastics.
The shims allow you to optimally fit the wind-o to your mouth. By installing or removing shims, you incrementally adjust the width of the Wind-o. Everyone can adjust the Wind-o to maximum effectiveness.
You can add a balloon to the wind-o to simulate the air resistance you feel playing your instrument. This increased air resistance creates new challenges for your embouchure muscles. Vary your embouchure workout.
Use The Wind-o in a way that fits your needs and lifestyle.
  • Warm-up
  • During practice

    Reinforce good form and habits during practice

  • Between/After practice

    Focused embouchure workout to increase strength and endurance.

  • Stay in shape on vacation

    Enjoy some well-deserved time off, and leave your instrument at home.

  • Teaching

    Clear and immediate feedback helps students experience what makes a great embouchure.

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